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Corporate Insurance Consultancy
Planning to get your employees insured? It is a splendid idea! Now all you need is a great corporate insurance plan that would aide you in your idea.

The corporate world is diverse, and need for insurance is high given the kind of work and stress levels these people face. Insuring the employee is one way of benefiting the employees and is one of the several benefits that corporate employees can avail.

How Corporate Insurance Works?
It is important for you to understand how corporate insurance works
  • Premium that is paid towards the insurance is deducted from your paycheck
  • A major part of the insurance premium is paid by the employer
  • Some employers don’t deduct the premium from the paycheck
  • The insurance policy plans are chosen by the employer
  • The employer will give out certain benefits which can be availed by you
  • The benefits are applicable if you are with the company for a certain period
  • Most insurances include life as well as health security

How we Help?
Smart investors’ forum team acts as your online corporate insurance consultancy. We work with major companies and clients who are looking for suggestions on different corporate insurance. We provide our clients with list of best corporate insurance companies that provide various plans for the clients.

We take into consideration following details before opening the door to options

  • Total employees
  • The amount the client is looking to spend on the insurance
  • Benefits they are planning to offer
  • Premium and tenure for the corporate insurance policies

Once we have these details, we study the policies available with the best corporate insurance companies, and compare quotes. We detail out the plans that will help them achieve employee goals. We also monitor the progress of the insurance policy.
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