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Gift your child a great future this birthday with children plan! With one plan, you are securing their future, education, and all monetary responsibilities in one go. It is one kind of savings that has been set aside for your child.

Start Planning Today!
Smart investors’ forum is a platform that provides you insight on the right time to invest and plan. We believe that you should begin planning for your child’s future even before they are born. Don’t you know that planning and giving birth to a baby is equally expensive?

The various child costs include:
  • Child birth expenses
  • Health, and care related expenses
  • Education cost: Pre_School, high school, graduation, higher studies

Already feeling weak looking at these costs? This is why we say start planning your child today!
Proper Financial Planning
We have been regarded by many as one of the best children investment advisor. On our discussion forums we offer tips related to proper child financial planning.

Let’s say you are married with a two year old. You earn somewhere around 3-5 lakhs per annum and live in a non-metro.
  • You plan to invest 1,00,000 as premium for child plan
  • Amount invested per year: Rs. 100000 (Approx. 8000 per month)
  • Number of Years: 20 years ( just perfect for child education)
  • Amount received on maturity: 36.7 lakhs
  • Tax benefit as per 10D and life cover also provided. Inflation @ 5%

This is just an example of proper financial planning. We also offer suggestion after comparing quotes of children plan. You can always select the time period when you want to begin receiving money. With the right planning, you don’t need to burden yourself or your child with a loan.

So, now you know where to contact when you need help choosing the right children’s plan!
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