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If you need some help with portfolio management and financial planning, probably it is time you seek help from financial planner. It is very likely that finance is not your cup of tea. You may not know how the markets function or what the best possible investment is for your money. At this point in time, it is always good to trust a financial planner. They provide the best possible solutions for your money.

How a Planner Works?
Unlike an advisor, a planner does not draw plans based on generalized questions. Of course, the general questions are a part of the routine course of investigation of your priorities, but the scope of a planner is broader.
  • A planner draws customized plans based on the needs of the individual
  • The work of a planner begins with advising and ends with investment and monitoring
  • A planner helps maximize tax savings
  • The plans are chosen by the planner based on their understanding of the market, and the financial goals you are planning to avail

Calculating Financial Goals

Based on your understanding of the market, and our understanding of your goals and current economical situation, our advisors sit out to help you plan the finances.
  • How old are you
  • The term of investment that you are planning on
  • Your income and financial growth your seek
  • Per month expenditure
  • Current savings plan if any
  • Overall short term and long term financial planning
Once our advisors/planners get an idea about your requirement, they move on to help you find customized solutions that can help you get just what you want. Our planners help monitor the investments to understand how they are performing. In case the performance is not up to the mark, we also offer corrective measures for the same.
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