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Financial Planning

Financial Planning
We help our Members, to do their Financial Planning, the  SMART way.

Why is Planning so important ?

  • Cost is always on the Rise all over the world.
  • Inflation is upwards.
  • Lifestyle cost is getting higher.
  • Earning capacity goes down as one grows in age.
  • Planned steps are always better than messing up.
For a Good financial planning you need to answer the followings :
  • What is my Need for Future ?
  • What is my Goal ?
  • What do I want to achieve with the financial investment ?
  • Which are the specific Financial Instruments I should opt for ?
  • Who can get me answers to my all these queries ?
  • Where can I get the right Advise ?
To provide you with a Professional Financial Planning & Guidance, Experts at SIF would need the followings from you :
  • Your Age ?
  • How much you want to invest ?
  • Your investment Horizon ?
  • How much time can you remain invested ?
  • What is your Current investment profile ?
  • What is your Regular income & Expenses ?
  • What is your profile ? (Job type / Business / Profession etc.)
  • Do you have any other income resources ?
  • Are you also looking forward to the Tax benefit ?
  • What is your Health condition ?
Depending upon your Risk appetite & taste we will help, customize your investment plans that will make you reach your Goals and achieve what you can with your investments.
  • Smart Investors Forum Our approach is Scientific, with Logical reasoning’s to the best Investment possibilities available in our Country.
  • Smart Investors Forum Experts on the panel of SIF are responsible people to guide you to the right path.
  • Smart Investors Forum Discussion Forums available online has an opportunity for you to discuss your issue with the other investors as well.
  • Smart Investors Forum Investors Awareness is very Important topic for us.
    • We do not propagate blind decisions.
    • We do not believe in spreading rumors
    • We do not instill fear in our investors.
  • Smart Investors Forum Buy insurance when it is not needed. Or you may not get when you need it.
  • Smart Investors Forum Forced saving works always. No one saves happily willingly.
  • Smart Investors Forum Go slow be regular for the investments.
  • Smart Investors Forum Have your investments Diversified, not all eggs in one single basket.
  • Smart Investors Forum Average people always succeed too smart or too fool fail.
  • Smart Investors Forum One has no control over his/ her birth. But dying poor is no one else’s fault.
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