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For a long time insurance and other modes of investments have been targeted by people who wish to save and accumulate wealth. Most people look at insurance as a sure shot way of saving money on income tax while ensuring good benefits. There are a lot of income tax plans like the pension plans, the provident fund plans, savings schemes etc. which not just build the wealth but also benefit on taxes payable

Tax Saving Tips
Tax saving priorities differs according to the age group in which a person falls. For example a person in the 30s would be interested in buying a home. They can plan on saving tax amount by indulging in a home loan. At the same time, a person in his early or late thirties can get health insurance cover and save some amount on taxes through that.

In the early forties, education and tuition fees of kids will take priorities. This is where most households can gain tax benefits. Saving some amount on such money structures can benefit on tax payable. Interest on repayment of home loan can also be considered a great way to save tax money.

In this way there are several ways in which people can gain benefits from income tax saving plans.

Investment Options for Tax Savings
Here are some of the income tax plans that will help benefit in tax payments. We have discussed how spending can save money spent on taxes. Here are some investment options that work as great income tax saving plans.
  • Investing in SIP will benefit you in tax payments
  • ULIP are great options for saving money on taxes
  • Public Provident Fund is also an excellent tax saving scheme
If you want to benefit from investment options while gaining savings on taxes, contact us through our discussion forum.
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