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Mutual Funds Investment Planner
Mutual funds have always been a favorite with investors. Most people would have made at least one investment with mutual funds. This is a low risk high return type of investment and this is probably why it drives in maximum traffic. Mutual funds investment planner will help you schedule your investments, returns and the premiums that you ought to pay for the tenure selected.

How Mutual Funds Work?
You invest some money in mutual funds. Let’s say you invest close to 5,00,000 in mutual funds.
This amount is in turn invested in various market securities like bonds, shares and other money market instruments.
The percentage invested in each of these securities is decided by the best return on mutual funds investment advisor. The advisor will go through the current market status of the various securities, and plan your funds accordingly. The premium to be invested in the mutual funds would also be decided by the advisor. This is normally open ended mutual fund investment. There is also the close ended mutual fund investment. In close ended the amount of shares that a person can invest in is limited.

There are three major sorts of mutual funds
  • Equity funds
  • Fixed income funds
  • Balanced funds

How we Help?
Smart investors’ forum is known to act as an advisor in choosing the best mutual funds plan for your investment.

We need some of the following details along with your personal profile to choose the right plan for you
  • Amount to be invested
  • Financial goals
  • Salary you draw
  • Premium and tenure you wish to secure

We use tools like mutual funds investment planner and calculator to check for the best plans that will help you achieve your financial goals. Our team will also help keep a check on the existing plans, if any.
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