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Wealth management is every investor’s nightmare. Though investing in mutual funds gives enough cushion for the investment, there are many of you who want to invest in stocks and equities of your own. You want to have some amount traded in stocks.

It’s an obvious risk to invest in stocks and equities, but with the right stock and equity investment advisors, you would surely be on the right track. Profitability and returns are a major concern which the right planner and advisor will take care of. You should know where and what amount to invest in.

Calculating the Investment Risks
With the right stock and equity investment plans, the risk is automatically lowered. Let’s understand how these plans work, and what they consider while calculating risks.

Let’s say the present value of your stock is $450, and the interest rate per period is 10%, if you are willing to invest it for say 10 periods, the future value of the stock would be $1167.18.

Similarly, using the future value that you want to achieve, you can calculate the present value that you should ideally invest.
These calculations play an important role in achieving risk free investments and gaining maximum profit

Apart from this, it is important to calculate dividend yield and compound annual growth of the company before investing in the stocks of the company.

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