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Systematic Investment Plans
Do you earn well enough? Have you ever given investments a thought? Most of us have big dreams and aspirations. Each one of us wants to own a big house, a car, give our kids the best possible education, and give our family a nice foreign vacation. But, none of us have actually thought of saving money.

Why SIP?
System Investment Plans are small periodic investments made to save money. As your investment and portfolio manager, we at smart investor forum, we believe that investing in SIP is a smart choice. Here is why we advise you to invest through SIP
  • You become more financially disciplined! You now make sure you invest that small amount every month
  • It is an all investment plan policy which reduces investment risks
  • Averages out the investment cost.

Here is an example to help you understand this best
Let’s say XYZ has a monthly income of Rs. 10000 of which he can invest Rs. 1000 per month
1st Month he invests Rs. 1000 in units priced at Rs. 20 per unit. He gains 50 units
2nd Month, market is down, and the units are priced at Rs. 10 per unit. He gains 100 units
Net value on Investment of Rs. 2000 over two months = Rs. 1500
Net Value had he invested Rs. 2000 when the units were priced at Rs. 20 per unit = Rs. 1000
So, XYZ gained with the averaging of the investment cost.

How we Help?
  • With a strong team of financial advisors, fund managers, CA etc. we offer substantial advice and reasoning to our investors
  • Provide us the following details
Investment amount
Your salary and age
Investment goals
and we will offer you the best possible solutions
Contact us through emails or personally and allow us to help you with investments
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