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ULIP Plans

ULIP Plans (Unit Linked Insurance)
Considering investments? Have you given a thought to the risks involved in investment? A good investor will always consider the amount that he/she wants to invest along with the risk involved in investing the amount. ULIP Plans (Unit Linked Insurance) is definitely one of the best ways to grow your wealth while considering the risks involved.

ULIP: An Introduction
It is important to understand ULIP. These investments are made in the capital markets and are made subject to the market risks. The risk involved is less compared to other investment plans. The investments are made in bonds, shares, mutual funds etc.

Who Should Invest in ULIP?
Should you invest in ULIP or not is an important question! Let’s understand who all can invest in this plan
  • Those who wish to monitor their investments
  • Who have long term financial goals
  • Who are interested in differing risk profiles

How Unit Linked Insurance Plans Work?

It is important that you know how the ULIP plans work before you proceed with it. You get to choose the premiums as well as the plans where you will be investing. The structure of ULIP is as below:
  • Premium you wish to pay
  • Tenure for which you want to pay the amount
  • Total life cover you want to gain
  • Market funds you want to invest in
  • Investment amount that you are planning for
Once you have selected all of this, the calculator will give you wealth you will accumulate as a result of the right plan investment.
You get an option of investing in either debt or equity to gain a suitable return.

How we Help?
We offer advices and help with choosing the right ULIP plans (Unit Linked Insurance). We also monitor your existing plans and suggest corrective measures.
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