All the scams that India has seen, is only due to the crooks who have exploited the general people of being ignorant & unaware. The Scamsters have duped many by Promising Big. In most cases we have found people getting trapped in their own Greed.

With SIF we have initiated a small step towards making our Investors in India to become aware and Strong. To propagate this concept we wish to make this Project a mass movement. We call for the participation of all Housewives, Working women, Unemployed youth, Senior Citizens to make this a Big success. We also invite all the qualified Financial Advisors and Experts to join us and help irradiate cheats from this industry by making people aware and alert.

SIF as also adopted an inspiring Project "Self Empowerment of Women & Senior Citizens" from "INDIA WORLD FOUNDATION" an NGO to train and help above 8000 desiring people to become self dependent. Contact us - we need Volunteers.
Have you ever thought about any of the followings :
Your Child’s study/ Career/ Marriage plans,
Your Family Security,

About your

Old age & Life security,

Health safety Planning,

Your Financial Goals or what you want to achieve.
Have you ever thought about any of the followings :
Get FREE –

Financial Advice

for your Benefits & Gains.
Get your Investment Evaluated by our Experts on Panel.
Know how to manage your investments for best Returns.
Tell us what you want to achieve with your investments, we will plan it for you.
Also get help & assistance for your bad deals or problems.
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